Fedora Social Panda

This article is originally inspired by Justin W. Flory’s Gotta Badge `em All series about how to earn specific Fedora badges.

Fedora Social Panda: What’s it about?

How It all Started is, As COVID-19 is getting pretty real and resulting in people performing social distancing, shelter-in-place & Lockdowns resulting in most of us feeling pretty isolated so out Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller & Fedora Project Contributor Neal Gompa had the idea to have a Fedora Social Hour where folks could Chat & get a little e-human contact and conversation.

Now, let’s focus on the badge now, As we have activities in Fedora, We have Badges, the Fedora Social Panda badge is categorized as “Event Badge” and it’s crieteria is defined in this Pagure ticket

In short, The Fedora Social Panda Badge is awarded to folks we participate in a Fedora Social Hour with the Community.

How do I earn “Fedora Social Panda”

In order to earn this badge, you would have to join a weekly fedora social hour.

How do I know when it’s happening?

To know when a Fedora Social Hour will be organized, Keep an eye on the Fedora Community Blog, As that’s where most of the announcements are made for the Community.

Another preffered way is to keep an eye is by joining the Fedora Social Hour on Riot.im, As this is where we have our Social Hours nowadays, as it has Jitsi & Etherpad widgets that we’ve implemented.

If you would like to stick with the Freenode IRC Channel, it’s #fedora-social-hour on Freenode IRC that is bridged with the Matrix Room.

Once, You attend a Fedora Social Hour, you can share your FAS ID for the organizers to award that badge to you.

Looking forward to see you all in the next Fedora Social Hour, I’m nasirhm there. :D